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Scalpel Blade Removal System

The QLICKSMART® BladeFLASK is the world’s first single-handed scalpel blade removal.

  • Holds 100 blades and is puncture proof
  • Audible click ensures blade removal
  • Built-in counter with automatic shutoff when full
  • OSHA compliant with single-handed activation when used with reusable QLICKSMART® BladeFLASK Mounting Bracket (sold separately)
  • Compatible with most brands of general surgery blades and flat handles
  • Mount on a wall or desk with the reusable QLICKSMART® BladeFLASK Mounting Bracket (sold separately – adhesive backing and screw mounts included)


Bringing Reliability, Innovation, and Value to Healthcare

How to Use

As a leading NMSDC Diversity Certified Supplier, MYCO Medical is committed to “Bringing Reliability, Innovation and Value” to the Healthcare industry with an emphasis on “physician preference” surgical devices and disposables.

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